viernes, 11 de abril de 2008


In the ancient Greek civilization, myths were very important for the development of the culture and were basic for the structure of the society; there were so many mythic people called as heroes, Hercules and Perseus are the most famous and remembered nowadays, so in this essay we are going to develop the idea of the qualities Hercules and Perseus have in common and the ones that make the differences between them.
To begin with, this pair of mythic heroes have some characteristics that make them quite similar; first of all both of them make part of myths of ancient Greece, both were product of a relation between a god and a mortal woman; and finally they are the example of action and masculinity, and characteristics such as great strength and courage.
To continue with, besides these two heroes are very similar. There are also things that differentiates them so much and make them two people with opposite personalities, taking into account both librates infernal battles with many mythological monsters, Hercules was fair, meanwhile Perseus uses unfair tricks or cheating to take advantage in a battle; also Hercules was capable two build a family besides Perseus that lived alone all his dark life as a consequence of his unhappiness.
To summarize, Hercules and Perseus both heroic mythical characters of ancient Greek civilization have in common some qualities that are essential for a hero but when we see the way they are we can found that there lived two complete different life and has opposite way of living and beliefs of what life is.
by:sebastian andrade

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